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Ways to find basic electrical faults and save money on callout fees

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Dealing with electrical issues might not be the most pleasant task, but we’re here to help you navigate it safely and efficiently, all across our local regions encompassing Launceston, Devonport, and all of Northern Tasmania.

When glitches occur, circuit breakers are your allies – they trip to protect your electrical setup. You can safely check a couple of things that could save you money!

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Simple electrical fault finding.

1. Turning Off Circuit Breakers:

If your home suddenly loses power, let’s tackle it together. Your main power connection might need a little attention. Even if those circuit breakers seem fine, it’s a good idea to switch them all off, just like turning off a light.

2. Getting the Main Power Back:

Once those breakers are off, let’s bring back the power. Turn on the main power switch. Think of it as giving your home a gentle nudge. But remember, with the breakers off, your appliances won’t come back to life just yet.

3. Gradually Restoring Circuit Breakers:

Now, let’s take a closer look. One by one, flip those circuit breakers back on. It’s like checking each room to figure out where the issue might be.

4. Spotting Electrical Clues:

Turning on a breaker and seeing everything work smoothly is a good sign. But if one keeps tripping, it’s like a signal waving for your attention. That’s where we need to focus.

5. Dimming the Lights and Quieting Things Down:

By working with these breakers, we’re narrowing down the problem area. Make sure they’re all off again before we move forward.

6. Bringing Back Power, Step by Step:

Now, turn the main switch and other breakers back on, except the one that’s causing trouble. This restores the power, except for the part that’s acting up.

7. Reaching Out to a Pro Electrician:

If the issue persists, it’s time to call in the experts. They’ll handle it safely and swiftly. Until then, keep that tricky breaker off – better safe than sorry.

Rest assured, we’ve got a plan to get things back on track. Tones Solar and Electrical, your local experts deeply familiar with the nuances of this area, are at your service every step of the way. Remember to never attempt electrical repairs yourself. These steps are a general guide to check your circuit breaker switches.

Some easy fixes!

Trouble with Your Heat Pump?

Is your heat pump acting up? Don’t fret! Follow these steps to ensure it’s working smoothly again:

  • Begin by checking the batteries in your remote. It’s a common oversight! Confirm that the batteries are new and properly inserted.
  • Next, locate the isolator switch near the outdoor unit. Double-check that it’s switched to the ON position.

By performing these simple checks, you might save yourself from unnecessary hassle and potentially avoid calling for repairs. Remember, sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in keeping your heat pump running efficiently!

Oven Not Working?

  • Check Your Oven Clock: Sometimes, a simple power outage or unintentional change in the clock settings can cause the oven to stop working. Make sure to double-check your oven clock and reset it if needed. This straight forward fix might just get your oven back up and running in notime, and best of all, it won’t cost you a thing!
  • Isolator Switch: It’s typically located near the oven or in the main electrical panel. Ensure that the switch is in the ON position. Sometimes, it can get accidentally switched off, and turning it back on might be all you need to do!

Remember, Tones Solar and Electrical are here to help whenever you need it. Your home’s electrical system might have its quirks, but we’ll work together to make everything shine again!

Oven Not Working?

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Trouble with Your Heat Pump?

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